Benefits of Viagra

Since 1998, Viagra (sildenafil) has been used for treating erectile dysfunction (ED).

It’s available for males ages 18 years and older. Side effects are not frequent and usually not severe.

But can you take Viagra daily, and what’s the benefit?

How Viagra is used

Viagra comes as an oral tablet in different dosages. Discuss with your doctor what’s an appropriate dose for you.

For daily use the generic form, sildenafil, comes in 50mg and 100mg tablets.

“A 100-mg tablet a night is a classic dose,”. “Should they wish to have sex.

When used to get an erection, Viagra generally takes about half an hour to an hour to work. Exactly how soon it works varies individually. But in all cases, you’ll need to be sexually aroused to get an erection.

Improves quality of life

“Self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth in the male are highly related to sexual function,” Goldstein said.

“And there are multiple reports on men taking PDE5 inhibitors and exhibiting better life quality from the perspective of confidence and satisfaction.”

Endothelial friendly

PDE5 inhibitors are endothelial friendly medications,” The endotheleum is the lining of the blood vessel. When it gets injured, this leads to the development of plaque or artherosclerosis.”

Reduces progression of erectile dysfunction

Taking Viagra daily in a small dose is a way to “reduce the intensity of progression of ED.

Improves ability to urinate

Daily use of Viagra improves people’s ability to urinate.

“As men get older, they have a little bit more difficulty urinating because the prostate gets bigger. The prostate, like the penis, consists of a lot of smooth muscle in it, and relaxing the smooth muscle will lessen the grip of the prostate on the urethra. The higher grip is what causes difficulty in urinating.”

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